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Who doesn't want to look good in a bathing suit or shorts? Millions of people struggle with midriff bulge, love handles and chubby thighs. What factors are instrumental in fighting fat?

Question: It seems as if every star, be it actress, model or female TV news personality is bone thin. What do you tell clients who area very discouraged by a weight goal that can only be gained by obsessive dieting and exercise?

Body image is a product of the times. During the 1800’s an overweight/obese condition was a sign of wealth. Individuals who want to lose and maintain their weight loss must consider both genetics and environment. Every person is different with regards to weight loss. Extreme and rapid weight loss will only lead to a rebound effect in which a person will regain the lost weight and more. Discouraged individuals would be advised that only gradual progress toward an ideal body weight over time is long lasting. The human body will fight any extreme type of weight loss. Any successful, long term weight loss approach must include healthy food intake choices, aerobic/anaerobic exercises, and examination of one’s thoughts concerning dietary goals.

Question: In raising children from babyhood, what foods/verbal messages do you recommend or not recommend for babies and toddlers?

Humans learn through modeling or imitation. Parents must be good role models in all that they do including healthy food choices. Babies/toddlers need all the nutrients (vitamins and minerals) necessary for growth and development. Parents need to demonstrate in both their verbal/nonverbal behavior, a healthy lifestyle. This foundation will serve their children well in the future.

Question: Are there any health conditions (Elephantitis, maybe) that can't be controlled by diet, exercise and modifying one's thoughts? 

All health conditions have their genesis in the interaction of genetics and the environment. Food intake plays a major role in wellness and illness.  Prevention and treatment of all disease states are a function of our daily food intake.

Question: Did you used to be overweight? If so, did the advice in this book help you to slim down?

Answer: I have not had weight issues in the past. Over the years I treated overweight/obese patients and performed extensive research in this area.

Question: In your opinion, do any herbal supplements really help you lose weight?

Answer: There are herbal supplements that could increase one’s metabolic rate and thus increase weight loss. However, healthy nutrition planning, aerobic/anaerobic exercise, and understanding one’s thinking patterns will help to lose fat and permanently keep it off.

Question: What do you think of Weight Watchers?

Answer: Weight Watchers is a successful program for self-motivated individuals to lose weight.

Question: What is your plan to avoid temptation and eat healthy during the holidays?

Answer: The holidays could be a weight gain situation for some people. The best plan is to pre-plan your food intake and understand your self-statements, to better deal with the holidays.

Question: Do you think Yoga is an effective weight loss technique?

Answer: Yoga is an effective method to control your breathing/health. This technique along with nutrition, exercise, and thinking will help in your weight loss goals.

Question: Do you believe that drinking a glass of water, unsweetened ice tea or other low calorie beverage before a meal will help you lose weight more slowly, thus keeping the pounds off?

Answer: Drinking water before, during, and after meals will assist in weight loss. A minimum of 64 oz. is recommended.

Question: What advice to you have for overweight people confined to wheelchairs?

Answer: Wheelchair bound individuals could lose weight through the types of exercise they could safely perform. However, proper nutrition and one’s thinking must be addressed.

Question: If a person "falls off the wagon" and indulges, then feels bad about it. What is your advice?

Answer: Diets do not work because they are restrictive. If a person gains weight from their diet plan, they must examine their negative thinking processes to get back on track.

Question: What is the best plan for a woman who recently gave birth to lose her baby fat?

Answer: Women tend to gain weight after childbirth. If they follow a healthy food plan, perform regular exercise, and monitor their thoughts, then weight gained could be lost.

Question: I understand that breast feeding makes a woman very hungry.  What pointers do you have for avoiding weight gain?

Answer: Breast feeding is a natural form of feeding their babies. Hunger starts in the brain, not in the stomach. Those mothers who follow healthy food choices, burn calories through exercise, and modify any negative self-statements would be able to avoid weight gain.

Question: What advice do you have for diabetics?

Answer: Diabetics have a problem with insulin production or utilization. Understanding the link between carbohydrate/sugar intake and weight gain would be beneficial to both diabetics and nondiabetics.

About the Author

Dr. Filingeri is a licensed psychologist in New York, New Jersey, and Arizona. He was the former Executive Director of a medically based weight control center in New York. In addition, Dr. Filingeri was a senior consultant to a national weight control corporation for product development and research. As a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), Health Psychology (Division #38), and the American Educational Research Association (AERA), he has written and conducted research in the field of weight control. Dr. Filingeri has taught psychology courses at both the City University of New York (CUNY) and the State University of New York (SUNY). With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Filingeri has incorporated his knowledge and expertise into this book. He has also authored the book, Comprehensive Review of Psychology.


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