FORMULA SEVEN and Genesis of The New World Order

November 14th, 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia USA

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FORMULA SEVEN and Genesis of The New World Order

Written by, Michael March

Reviewed by Kirsten @ Mobius

“A definitive page-turner, readers will not be left wanting.”

Government conspiracy and fast-paced suspense.

Formula Seven and Genesis of the New World Order follows Cyrus Markum in his all-consuming, at-any-cost quest to uncover the cure for AIDS. After three years of total immersion in research following the death of his partner, Cyrus’s goal is within reach when he creates the Formula Seven antitoxin. Little does he know, a government conspiracy to eradicate all evidence of his work will soon dash his hopes and dreams. Following a series of not-so-coincidental events, including his lab being ransacked, his briefcase being stolen, and priceless data being taken from his home without a trace, Cyrus delves into the darkest parts of his persona and will stop at nothing to see his goals reached.

Creatively executed through a narrative of dissociative identity disorder, Formula Seven is a suspenseful tale that keeps the reader engaged and guessing. Though the storyline and time jumps can be somewhat rattling, the format helps to drive home the erratic nature of the protagonist and his unpredictable behavior. Dotted with fast-paced suspense and thrilling scenes, this book is a well-balanced mix of action, conspiracy, and social dialogue.

Formula Seven and Genesis of the New World Order is an engaging novel for those who are partial to topics that include viral epidemics, government conspiracy, and international intrigue. A definitive page-turner, readers will not be left wanting.

About the author: Born in Brooklyn, Michael studied industrial engineering at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. Preferring the exploding music scene, he left to find his way in the world of Rock n’ Roll. Uncle Sam had a much better idea. He insisted that Michael become all that he could be and enter the military. He served with the Eleventh Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam from July 1967 to July 1968. After his discharge, he circumnavigated America, seeking to uncover the soul of society and discover his own. Eventually wending his way home, he semi-normalized and raised a family.

Abstract terms: Illuminati, HIV Virus, New Thought Ministry, Government Conspiracy, Televangelist, International Intrigue, Vietnam Veteran, FBI, New World Order, AIDS Epidemic

Published by First Edition Design Publishing, in paperback and eBook formats. The book contains approximately 240 pages. Genre: Political Fiction. ISBN PBK, 9781506907116, ISBN EBK, 9781506907123



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