The Best Poems of Alexander Pushkin, Lost in Translation?

February 4th, 2021 | Haymarket, VA, USA

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The Best Poems of Alexander Pushkin, Lost in Translation?

Written by Alexander Pushkin and Translated by Yuri Menis


Reviewed by Justin @ Mobius


Romantic era Russian Poetry translation

“These translations are lovely and sensitive. They are just exquisite. You have taken on and accomplished a noble task. I think it matters a great deal to have Pushkin’s […] poems sound both so natural in the target language and so close to the original.”

Olga Peters Hasty, Ph.D. prof. of Russian literature at Princeton University

Choosing an acclaimed writer such as Alexander Pushkin to translate to the English language proves to be as harrowing as it is rewarding for Yuri Menis. During an outbreak of cholera that was spreading from Asia to Russia, Pushkin experienced one of his most productive periods, locked away in quarantine in Boldino, Moscow. How succinct to choose such a profoundly famous poet from Russia to translate in this time?!

Successful in his detail to match the musical and emotional poetry of Pushkin in his native tongue, Menis’ contribution to the world of poetry is substantial. If only one of these translated poems were to be published, Menis would have completed a task far above and beyond what could be expected of any impassioned polyglot.  Already an accomplished translator and author, this will surely stand as a glowing tomb to be appreciated, and delectably consumed by all.

About the translator: Yuri Menis was born in Ukraine in 1952 and became a US citizen in 2000. He has been a translator, interpreter, and teacher for many years. Translated and published the poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wordsworth Longfellow, Thomas Moore, Wystan Hugh Auden, Edna Millay, William Butler Yeats, Boris Pasternak, and other authors.

The book has been reviewed over 10x. Cover art has been awarded a 5-star rating by Mobius. Amazon rating 5 stars. Comparative title: Russian Poetry: Faithful translations of select Russian poems.

Abstract terms: Alexander Pushkin, Poetry, romantic era, lyrical poetry, Russian Translation, Russia, modern Russian Literature, Moscow, playwright, novelist 

 Published by First Edition Design Publishing, in paperback and eBook formats. The book contains approximately 152 pages. Genre: Poetry, Modern Russian Literature ISBN PBK, 9781506909646, ISBN EBK, 9781506909653.



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