The Worst Dogs

Written by Author, Mathew de Lacey Davidson, November 24th, 2020 | Nova Scotia, Canada CA

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Reviewed by Justin @ Mobius

” …A progressive murder mystery, indeed.” – Jill Murphy, The Bookbag (

“Race, class, religion, and murder are inextricably intertwined in this simmering mystery consuming the misty Maritime town of Feckless Bay. “The Worst Dogs” is a powerful, propulsive read….” – Stephen M. Tomic, The Junction (

Davidson’s historical novel about civil rights leader Frederick Douglass’ first trip to Ireland, “Precept” was voted one of the top ten self-published books of 2018 by The Bookbag (


In the quaint town of Feckless Bay, there has been a string of grisly murders. Two fateful detectives are tested when the murders turn out to be cruel hate crimes. A gritty detective novel with a progressive twist, de Lacey Davidson threads a series of question marks into a racially charged mystery that holds the reader at ransom, page by page. Bringing a nuanced writing style to a famously well-worn genre, fans of the detective novel rejoice. A strong first entry into the world of fiction novels from a seasoned writer. The Worst Dogs is already leaving fans asking for more.

About the Author: Matthew de Lacey Davidson is the author of two poetry collections, a collection of short stories, and a historical novel about civil rights leader Frederick Douglass’ first trip to Ireland. Matthew is also an accomplished composer who has written, performed, and recorded on over a dozen albums.  He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, with his wife, Shayna, and a plethora of Siamese and Tonkinese cats.

The book has been reviewed over 5x. Cover art has been awarded a 5-star rating by Mobius. Goodreads rating avg. of 4.0. Comparative title: Winter Counts.

Abstract terms: Fiction, Mystery, Detective, Criminal minds, Race, Murder, Macabre, Horror, Good vs. Evil, Small town.

Published by First Edition Design Publishing, in hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats. The book contains approximately 194 pages. Genre: Mystery ISBN-10, 1506909442, ISBN-12, 978-1506909448, ISBN-13, 978-1506909448



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