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“The Gospel according to Monty Python” About Julian Author JULIAN DOYLE is one of the world’s most versatile Film Makers. He has Written, Directed, Photographed, Edited and Created Special Fx in feature films all to the highest levels. He is most famous for editing the Monty Python films such as ‘Life of Brian’ and shooting […]


Described by Sir Richard Branson as ‘our other genius’ and ‘the man who made the difference’, John Varnom established practically single-handed a brand image for the Virgin empire that still persists after Virgin’s 43rd year in business. From ground-breaking press, radio and TV commercials & scripts, press releases that even the BBC read out in […]


When people think of books featuring fairies, elves and pixies, they usually assume it’s patterned off of a Northern European culture, typically the Irish. This time the wee folk are of northeastern Native American origin. Instead of an incantation, Native American Chanting is used to open a portal between realms. Jamie Sutliff’s elf trilogy is […]


“FMCG: The Power of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods” About Greg Over 40 years of business experience in Marketing, Market Research, Internet/Tech, Real Estate, Investment & Property Funds, Fund Raising & Stock Markets, Publishing, & Consultancy with a focus for the last 22 years on the Emerging Markets. Currently Chairman in New Invest co, focused o raising […]

Erich Martin Hicks

“Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary” About Erich Erich Hicks, founder of Alpha Wolf Productions Inc., is an acclaimed Special Effects Coordinator, Producer and Writer, with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. The company is an independent production outlet that develops, writes, and produces feature film and television content. Historically, Erich is the […]

David J. Perri

“Messy Larry” About David The author/illustrator is a native Pittsburgher who has lived in beautiful West Virginia for the past fifteen years. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Dayton School of Law. He has two kids, works as a federal prosecutor, and likes to paint in his […]


Elwood Corbin
I am a very cautious person and I do my research. FEDP is first rate in terms of service, professional conduct and most of all – trustworthiness. FEDP published my first book and this will be the second, without the upselling and claims that they can get you noticed by Hollywood and all of the other crap. FEDP is beginning to spread its wings farther ands I want to be a part of it.
Kirby Whitacre
My experience with First Design Publishing was one of feeling like I was working with friends as opposed to just purchasing a service. I picked First Design because of their #1 rating over the past four years. I would highly recommend them to any author!
Vidya Frazier
The service was extremely rapid and pleasant. I appreciated the extra help I was given in finding an image for the cover.